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Legion Lacrosse Club is for girls from Albany, NY who possess above average lacrosse skills and wish to continue advancing those skills.  It is for ladies who will be graduating from high school in the year  2021.  


Legion will compete in 4 Summer tournaments and practice 2 nights per week.  


Practices are the core of this program.  Tournaments are fun but, the practices are where your child will learn.  Drills are very challenging. They are designed to stimulate brain cell growth.  Many drills come from college coaches yet are modified to be age appropriate.  


Practices for the 2018 season are at the Robert C. Parker School in North Greenbush.

2019 Practice schedule:

Sunday, April 28 10:00-11:30 @ Glenmont Afrims

Sunday, May 5  10:00-12:00

Sunday, May 12  10:00-12:00

Saturday, May 19 10:00-12:00 

Saturday, May 25 10:00-12:00 (Memorial Day weekend - we will see who is available)

Wednesday, May 29 6:30-8:30

Monday, June 3  6:30-8:30

Monday's/Wednesday's - July 17